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How to identify the quality of glassware?
1) Appearance quality
① The shape should be elegant, regular and smooth.
② The decoration requires harmony, delicacy and beauty. Its decoration techniques generally include printing, decals, engraving, sanding, engraving and etching, etc., which can be selected according to your own hobbies.
③Crystal glassware requires crystal clear, bright and eye-catching, and good light transmission performance.
④ Machine-made glassware, in addition to being bright and clean, transparent and pure, also requires smooth and flat sutures on the surface. If the sutures are rough and protruding, or have a prickly feel, they are inferior.
⑤ Pay attention to whether there are hidden cracks in the utensils. During the inspection, you can turn the vessel to the place where the light is strong. If you find irregular shiny lines or bright flowers on the vessel, it may be a burst mark. Cracked and therefore not a good buy.
⑥ Check whether there are scratches on the inner and outer walls and base of the container, obvious scratches will affect the service life.
(2) Internal quality
① Check whether the color of the glass is pure or not. If the color is rustic, the glass raw materials are mixed with impurities and the quality is not good.
②The crystal clear glass with high transparency is better. If it is water green or foggy, the raw material is impure and contains chemical impurities. Observe whether there are air bubbles on the vessel. If there are large or many bubbles on the vessel, it is not the top grade. However, the diameter of the bubbles is small or the position is not obvious, which generally does not affect the use.
④The color of glass is determined by the chemical elements mixed with people, and the chemical elements also affect the properties of glass. Well-made glassware has coordinated colors, reliable connection and fusion, and stable decorations that are not easy to break. "