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How to select glass decanter for red wine?
How to select glass decanter for red wine? 1, outlook of decanter 2, materrial raw of glass 3, washing
Why should red wine be sobered up?

If the wine is relatively young, its tannins may be more astringent and its aroma may be more closed. When the air comes into contact with the wine, it can soften the tannins and release more aromas to enhance the flavor of the wine and make it easier to drink. This process is also called the "breathing" of the wine.
If it is an old wine, it may have been in the wine cellar for 20, 30 years, or even longer, and there is a high probability that there will be sediment in the wine, so we have to filter the sediment out of the wine. These deposits are a combination of tannins and pigments, which are not harmful to the human body, and it is not because the wine has gone bad, it is a normal phenomenon.
Red wine may have sediment after 5 to 10 years in the bottle, even if we don't see it, it's best to change the bottle (pour it from the bottle into a decanter). Before drinking, store the wine vertically for 24 hours or more so the sediment can slide to the bottom of the bottle and separate more easily.

So how to choose a red wine decanter?

1. Choose from the shape
1. Boat decanter
This kind of decanter is the most common and classic one. Its shape is very simple. The shape of the boat with a big belly and wide mouth is not so amazing, but it allows the wine to fully contact with the air and accelerate oxidation, thereby releasing the aroma and aroma of the wine itself. Softened tannins. This red wine decanter is more suitable for full-bodied red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Dansoul, etc.
2. U-shaped decanter
The U-shaped wine decanter is relatively more artistic. The wine is poured from the wide mouth and poured out from the small mouth. No matter whether it is poured or poured, it is not easy to leak, so it is more common. This decanter is more suitable for medium-bodied red wines, such as Merlot and Pinot Noir.
3. Deep and long decanter
This kind of decanter is similar to a vase in shape, with a narrow bottom and a deep neck. It is more suitable for wine that needs to be cooled down. It can be placed directly in an ice bucket to cool down while sobering up. Suitable for medium-bodied red wines, such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, etc., or full-bodied white wines, such as Chardonnay from Montrachet.
4. Old wine decanter
This kind of decanter usually has a plug, and its function is also obvious. It is a red wine decanter specially made for old wine. The shape can basically be used as a wine bottle. The purpose is to change the bottle of old wine. It can be drunk by breathing, but there will be more sediment in it, so what is needed is to change the bottle, not to sober up too much. This kind of decanter is more suitable for old wine, which is generally aged for more than 30 years.

Second, choose from the material
1. Soda-lime glass decanter, conventional glass
2. Crystal glass decanter, more transparent, higher hardness, more crisp sound, with the sound of metal impact
3. Stained glass decanter, with electroplated color on the glass surface, more beautiful and colorful
There are various shapes of wine decanters, ranging from simple and elegant slanted mouth shape to unique and unique snake shape, and then to elegant and noble harp shape.
Therefore, cleaning the decanter has become a headache for everyone, especially the decanter with a small mouth, it is difficult to thoroughly clean the bottom, and it is easy to leave brown marks, which is neither hygienic nor beautiful. So, today, I will teach you how to clean it well and quickly.

Method 1: Wash with effervescent tablets
Pour clean water into a decanter, put a denture cleaning effervescent tablet, soak overnight, and rinse with water the next day. It is recommended not to buy scented effervescent tablets, so as not to affect the use of the decanter later, and it is easy to make the wine have "odor".
Method Two: Use Lemon Juice or Vinegar
Pour lemon juice or white vinegar into the decanter, add water to the height of the trace, soak overnight, and wash with water the next day until the sour smell completely disappears.
Method Three: Use Salt and Ice
If the decanter is hard, try cleaning it with salt and crushed ice. Sprinkle salt and crushed ice into the decanter, shake the decanter gently until the stain disappears, then wash it with clean water, and finally let it dry naturally. Be careful not to use too much force.
Method 4: Use cleaning beads
First wash the wine in the decanter with clean water, then pour the cleaning beads into the decanter filled with water, and shake the decanter gently to let the beads rotate at the position you want to clean. It doesn't take a long time for the stains to be basically cleaned, then pour out the beads and water, dry the beads for the next use, and then wash the decanter with clean water.
Method 5: Use rice grains and vinegar
In fact, the cleaning principle is the same as method four, except that the cleaning beads are replaced with rice grains to protect the decanter to a greater extent. The method is also very simple. Mix rice grains, water and white vinegar in equal proportions and pour them into the decanter. Then shake the decanter until all the wine stains are removed. Finally, rinse the decanter with clean water and let it dry naturally.

After cleaning with the above method Another brand new decanter!