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What is the common product defects in handmade glass?
We all know that every product must go through strict inspection before leaving the factory, but sometimes we buy something online as a layman, and when we find quality problems, we don’t know how to describe the problem correctly, which leads to difficulties in communication Next, the editor will popularize the industry terminology of common glassware defects.
It refers to the gas trapped in the cup body and bottom of the product. Its shape is generally elliptical or circular. The larger one is caused by man-made, and the smaller one is the material itself.
【Broken Skin Bubble】
It refers to the thin-skinned air bubbles formed on the surface of the product. Under the action of external force, it is easy to break the skin, and it is easy to cause injury to customers when using it.
【Broken Bubbles】
It refers to the unevenly distributed needle-shaped small bubbles contained in the glass, with a size of about 1-2MM.
【Bottom bubble】
It refers to the air bubbles trapped at the bottom interface or bottom.
It refers to the straight lines on the body of the product cup parallel to the mouth of the product, usually with a hand feel.
It refers to the small white blocks formed by the unmelted material or the brick slag that the material liquid scours the furnace wall and the forehearth falls into the molten glass during the materialization process.
The shape does not conform to the sealed sample, such as the mouth cup and the bottom of miscellaneous utensils; the body and length of the cup are inconsistent.
Also known as stripes and streamlines, they wrap around the cup in the form of filaments or flakes.
【Uneven bottom】
The product wobbles or spins on the glass plate.
It refers to the excessive deformation of the remaining material at the bottom of the product cup body.
【Dirty, black spots】
Dirt is divided into rolled dirt and material dirt. The material dirt is wrapped in the product, and the rolled dirt is attached to the surface of the product. The shape is dotted, and the rolled dirt has a hand feel.
The material is dirty and has no touch. Dark spots are opaque dark spots on the product.
It means that the concentricity is not correct and there is a deviation in the vertical direction.
【Thick mouth, thin mouth, uneven mouth】
Thick mouth and thin mouth mean that the thickness of the mouth of the product exceeds the range required by the standard, and uneven mouth means that the thickness of the mouth of batches of products is inconsistent.
【flat mouth】
It means that the mouth of the product is not round and has an oval shape.
【horseshoe mouth】
It is the processing that causes the mouth of the cup to be higher on one side and lower on the other side from the bottom.
The edge of the mouth is withdrawn outward. "