Aug.2023 09
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What is the difference between a custom glass order for machine-pressing and handmade glasses?
1. The glass machine pressing method requires a mold opening fee and a minimum order quantity, which usually exceeds the mold opening fee by more than 10,000 US dollars and the minimum order quantity exceeds 100,000 pieces, or even more, while the handmade glass, the mold opening fee is only a few hundred dollars , and the quantity is about 3000
2. The processing quality of the glass cups under the machine pressing method is stable, and the quality of the glass cups produced by the manual blowing method is easily affected by human factors
3. The machine-pressed glass has high production efficiency and low cost; the manual blowing method has low processing efficiency and high cost
4. The machine-pressed glass is not limited by the model; the manual blowing method cannot make a glass with a complex mold
5. Glasses made by machine pressing are not as beautiful as artificially blown glasses, with soft lines and more artistic beauty. 6. Glasses made by machine pressing can be integrally formed with good stability; If you don't, you need to connect it manually."