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What is the gold painting process of glassware?
Water, as a necessity in people's daily life, occupies a very important position. Now, people are gradually drinking water in new ways, using various cups to drink water. There is no doubt that drinking water from a glass is the most healthy choice. Now, you can see that many glasses have golden strokes or patterns on them. Many people also wonder how such slender gold edges are made on the cups. Then, next, I will give you a brief introduction to the glass gold painting process. is how it works.
There are two types of gold tracing: manual and mechanical tracing, and the materials used for manual tracing are very simple, which is to place glasses to be decorated on the turntable, use brushes of different shapes and sizes, brushes, and containers filled with gold water. When painting the gold rim of the glass, the worker fixes the paintbrush and brush at a certain position, and then rotates the turntable to paint the gold rim and other patterns on the mouth and other parts of the cylindrical cup.
The process principle of mechanical gold tracing is similar to that of manual gold tracing, except that the painted glass brush is fixed on a frame, and the movement of the mechanical tray drives the rotation and revolution of the glass and the gold tracing device, and the timing and positioning are synchronized Action, paint the cup with gold. Compared with manual gold tracing, the advantage is high work efficiency.
After the gold-painted pattern is dried, it needs to be baked to decompose the organic compound, and after the gold is reduced, a smooth and shiny thin layer is formed on the glass surface. Therefore, the firing temperature is very important, and it needs to be determined according to the softening temperature of the glass and the formula of gold water. Generally, the firing temperature of high-lead glass is about 480°C, that of soda-lime glass is about 560°C, and that of borosilicate glass is about 560°C. Around 650°C. Some people may ask, is Phnom Penh harmless to the human body? In fact, any raw materials we use have passed quality inspection, and are edible without any harm.
After the above description, everyone has some understanding of the gold edge reflected on the glass. The gold edge is for aesthetic effect, and a little decoration will give people a different feeling. Treatment, transparent texture, bright and clean, dazzling in the sun, will also make people love it. "