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What is the possible reasons for the bubbles in the glass during production?
1. Temperature
The temperature of the glass directly interferes with the viscosity of the glass solution, the tension of the surface layer, and the dissolution rate of the gas in the glass solution.
2. Time
If the time for the bubbles to disappear is not sufficient, then eventually the air bubbles will be left in the double-walled glass to form bubbles.
3. Redox
There are many vertical temperature distribution curves in the double-layer glass, so that the glass liquid forms two large circulation convection, the size of the melting rate, the fluctuation of the output, the distribution of the fuel and the organization of the combustion flame, the glass Factors such as the oxidation-reduction state will significantly affect the temperature of the hot spot area and the stability of the temperature.
Do not use the glass with air bubbles, because of the quality, the thermal expansion will be uneven and the pressure will be uneven, and the glass will break as a result."