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What is the production process of handmade glassware?
1 Picking material
Blowing workers go to the high-temperature furnace to pick materials with blowing rods, and take different amounts of glass liquid according to the size and thickness of the product.
2 Make vesicles
After taking out the material, observe the position of the material liquid in the blowpipe head to make it balanced, blow flat air, the air volume should not be too large, after blowing until a small bubble appears, observe whether its thickness is uniform, if it is uniform, the step of making small bubbles is completed .
3 Blowing of big bubbles
Another blowing worker puts the blown bubbles into the material pool, dips some material liquid, puts them into the already opened mold, and blows out the required shape in the mold. This is blowing big bubbles, (blowing cannon requires blowers to have many years of blowing foundation before they can start work.)
4 Nnealed cut cap
After the previous step, the artificial blown product in the mold has been basically formed. Next, the product needs to be separated from the blowing rod, and then put into the oven for annealing. The temperature of the oven can reach about 600 degrees.
After the annealing is completed, the cap on the cup is removed, and it is usually cut according to the different heights of the cup.
5 Oral treatment
After the last one, the mouth of the cup is sharp and easy to cut people, so it is necessary to proceed to the next step of baking the mouth. After baking at high temperature, the mouth of the glass cup will soften and become smooth, so that it will not Again sharp.
6 Inspection and packaging
In this step, the inspector inspects each molded cup and selects it according to the quality requirements of the company and customers. After the inspection, the cups are scrubbed by packing workers, packed, and put into storage! "