Aug.2023 09
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Why are there so big price gap for decanters, which looks same?
1 The cost of glass decanters made by hand-blowing and machine-pressed is completely different, and the artistic sense of hand-blown glass products is stronger, with natural and soft lines
2 The glass production process is different. The sophisticated glass process has a more transparent material color, bright color, no bubbles, sand spots,
3. The weight of the product is different, and the hand feel is different. The thicker the glass of the product, the less likely to break
4 Intrinsic brand value of the product, enabling users to express their own value proposition
5 The craftsmanship of the hand-blown craftsmen is different, and the quality of the fine details of the glass decanter is better
6 The material of the glass, usually the price of crystal decanter will be 5 to 10 times higher than that of ordinary glass