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Why do machines in the glass factory have to work 24 hours a day and cannot stop for a while?
First of all, let's take a look at the manufacturing process of glass. The raw materials for making glass are not complicated, and most of them are sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc. In order to save manufacturing costs, cullet is added to these mixtures. It is continuously melted by Chiyounei to form liquid glass that is uniform and free of bubbles and meets the molding requirements. During this period, the equipment will run continuously for 24 hours, through the material in the equipment to flow to the end, cut into pieces according to different requirements, and then blow molding, or put the liquid into the molding mold to form the required Glass products, or the falling of various finely cut materials, the material is added to the blank mold with a metal plunger, compressed air, and the slurry is pushed into place, but no matter what the process is, do not correct it after vertical forming Surface treatment of the glass surface, that is, the annealing process we often say, is brought into the annealing furnace due to the high temperature at this time.
The temperature will drop below 480 degrees, so that the annealed glass will eliminate the internal experience, making it stronger and not easy to detach. Speaking of this, I just mentioned why the equipment has to work 24 hours a day? We know that during the whole glass bottle production process, after the raw materials are melted into liquid, they will flow continuously in the entire assembly line, but once the equipment stops, the temperature will drop accordingly, so that the melted liquid will It is solidified on the processing machine. After the machine is stuck by glass mucus, it is quite difficult to heat and melt these solidified objects again. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the glass factory will not shut down the machines in production unless the equipment fails. "