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Why is the cost of logo by decals on glass more expensive than printing?
After the color is penetrated deeply (such as in glass coated with a composite and reheated) and decorated on the porcelain, it must also be baked in the furnace to make the pattern firmly adhere to the glaze of the porcelain. Roasting, called "roasted flowers".
The order of roasting flowers in red oven
During the period of the Republic of China, the equipment for baking flowers was mainly a red furnace. This kind of baking furnace has a cylindrical shape, and the furnace wall and bottom plate are interlayered. The red furnace is divided into three types: big tank, second tank and shakuhachi. The depth is about 3 feet 2 inches, but their inner diameters are different. The big tank is 3 feet, the second tank is 2 feet 5 inches, and the size Eight is 1 chi 8 inches. No matter what kind of red stove, charcoal is used as fuel. The order of roasting flowers in the red oven is roughly as follows:
Take bowls as an example, they can be installed from the bottom of the furnace to the mouth of the furnace, or they can be packed in two or three layers, all the way to the mouth of the furnace, but the layers must be paved with sagger skins. When loading the furnace, each product must be upright and not skewed; a certain distance should be kept between each product and they should not be squeezed together; when capping the top, 3 fire viewing holes must be left, the position is triangular, and the holes must be straight from the top. In the end, a larger vent must be left between the holes.
First light half a basket of charcoal and pour it along the furnace interlayer. After the charcoal is burning, add unburned charcoal and let it burn together with the charcoal that has been burned in the furnace. The top vent is sealed. Once the charcoal is lit, another large piece of burning charcoal is clamped to the top. After that, you must observe the fire color from the fire hole at any time, until the bottom is carmine red and the upper part is orange red, you can turn off the fire. The baking time of each furnace is generally 5-6 hours.
The method is to first remove all the charcoal from the grill, then let it cool naturally, and then take the product out of the furnace after cooling.
The cost of decal printing is higher than silk printing because of two reasons
1 There are many technological processes and high technical requirements for baking flowers
2Because there are many processes and difficulties, the glass breakage rate caused by the production process is relatively high
Therefore, in the production and processing of glassware, the cost of decals is much higher than that of silk screen printing or planar laser LOGO."